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We help mission-driven organizations maximize their impact through sustainable and scalable strategies.

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Our Services

Woodnorth Advisory provides the following services to nonprofit and for-profit social impact organizations on a flexible and affordable basis:


Financial Management

Fractional CFO services and tailored advice to optimize your organization's finances.


Strategic Growth Consulting

Strategic growth plans for your organization to achieve sustainability and scale.


Fundraising Support Services

Effective pitch deck creation, tailored funder research, and transaction coaching.

Michael Woodnorth is a former investment banker and corporate lender who pursued an MBA at Vanderbilt in order to repurpose a banking career into one that would allow him to serve others through that skill set. During the MBA program, he completed multiple social impact consulting engagements and held an impact investing internship with the largest manager of impact funds in the U.S. After completing the MBA program, Michael worked as the Strategic Growth Director at a large Nashville-based nonprofit, where he was responsible for the launch of a new social enterprise and creation of a 5-city expansion plan. Michael’s breadth of experience and network in the impact space allow him to bring an experienced and creative eye to all projects.

Michael Woodnorth

CEO & Founder of Woodnorth Advisory


About Us

Woodnorth Advisory helps social impact organizations achieve sustainability and scale through strategic growth consulting and capital advisory services.

Woodnorth Advisory was founded by Michael Woodnorth, a former investment banker and MBA, who spent several years in social enterprise consulting, impact investing and nonprofit management. During this varied career, he learned that for-profit organizations had mastered effectiveness and nonprofit organizations had mastered impact, but the two worlds were almost completely siloed from one another. He founded Woodnorth Advisory on the premise that there is great value to be created by integrating the best practices from both.

Woodnorth Advisory brings business expertise and an impact lens to help you address the challenges of scaling your mission-driven organization.

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